Do tops get HIV? Really?


So how do tops (insertive partner) get HIV? The same way that the millions of straight guys across the world having vaginal sex are getting HIV! In fact, anal sex is a higher risk than vaginal sex.

Sometimes it's hard to think how tops can get HIV. We definitely hear messages that bottoms (receiving partner) are at highest risk for HIV. We then hear that topping is a "lower risk" than bottoming. It's true. It is a "lower" risk. But it's not true that topping is a "low risk".

There's a big difference. And we're seeing it in the numbers.

HIV is hitting gay and bisexual men hard in Minnesota - top, bottom or versatile! According to the Minnesota Department of Health, new HIV cases are up 13% in MN...

New cases in young gay and bi men nearly DOUBLED.

Tops get HIV. Bottoms guys get HIV. Versatile guys get HIV.

We are getting HIV.

Remember to enjoy your sex life, but don't forget the condoms. You may be the pitcher, but you're not immune to HIV. Get tested. If you're positive, seek care.


Biggest HIV increases last year were in young gay men (ages 13 to 24), the highest peak in new infections since the 1980's. Cases have more than doubled since 2001!

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"Pitcher" Poster (pdf) | Profile of HIV in MN


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