Do guys get HIV?

As men, we sometimes don't think of ourselves as being affected by HIV. The reality is, we are affected. The longer we keep pretending we're not at risk, the more of us are gonna get HIV.

In MN in 2008, new HIV infections are up - back up to the numbers we used to see in the early '90s. HIV is hitting us hard.

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, all guys (gay, straight or bisexual) are getting infected with HIV - men made up 80% of new cases in 2009 in MN! The biggest increases have been seen in African American men, with record highs in Latino and white guys. Most alarming, we saw an increase of nearly DOUBLE in young men ages 15 - 24.

Gay guys get HIV. Bi guys get HIV. Straight guys get HIV.

If you do the math... guys are getting HIV.

Remember to enjoy your sex life, but don't forget the condoms. You may be the man, but you're not immune to HIV. Get tested. If you're positive, seek care.

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"The Man" Poster (pdf) | Profile of HIV in MN


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