Not my man.

Sometimes it's hard to think the guy you love may give you HIV. We get stuck thinking,

"I love him, I trust him... he'd tell me."

But how do we know what we know?

First, it's incredibly hard to tell someone you have HIV, even someone you're with. Even someone you love. He might be afraid you'll leave him if he says something.

But more likely, he's not lying. Most of the time, it's that he doesn't know he has HIV. When was his last HIV test? Did he "clear his window period" to get an accurate test? Is he having sex with others?

It's hard to know without asking. So be sure to ask your man. You may be in love, but you're not immune to HIV. Get tested. Get tested together! If you're positive, seek care.


According to the Minnesota Department of Health, African American women made up 33% of the new HIV cases among women in MN in 2008.

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"In Love" Poster (pdf) | Profile of HIV in MN


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