"You May Be" is a campaign of the CAPS Program of the Red Door. It has been designed by and for people affected by HIV with the aim of encouraging people to access HIV testing and care. The "You May Be" Campaign :: A Project of the CAPS Program of the Red Door HIV affects all of us - gay, straight, bi, white, black, latino, asian, rich, poor, or middle class.

You may be the man,

You may be fabulous,

You may be the pitcher,

You may be in love,

But none of us are immune from HIV.

Get tested.

If you're positive, seek care.

CAPS Program of the Red Door

CAPS is part of Red Door Services at Hennepin County Public Health Clinic, specializing in HIV testing and care. We offer rapid HIV testing for those at risk for HIV. For people newly diagnosed with HIV and those struggling with their HIV status, we offer emotional support services as well as connections to HIV care, insurance programs, mental health and social services.

CAPS services are free and confidential.

Click here to find out more about what CAPS can do for you, or call us at 612.348.3307.


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